Trip Lawyers

”At Trip Lawyers & Notaries many of the communication is done by e-mail. In addition, it frequently happens that large attachments has to be sent externally and email does not always support this. Therefore employees of Trip regularly used free services such as WeTransfer. This was not compliant with our IT policy, because the safety of the communication channels are not guaranteed.

Securing the IT environment is very important for us because we work with highly confidential information of our clients. Therefore we were looking for the right solution to send large files to external parties. When we learned about the AttachingIT solution we were immediately enthusiastic.

Their solution not only provides us with a good and safe way to send files but is very easy to use as well. Especially the integration with Outlook appealed to us because our employees are already familiar with the Outlook environment.”

 De Haan Lawfirm & Notary

”Every day we, the civil-law notaries and junior civil-law notaries of De Haan Advocaten & Notarissen, the largest legal service provider in the Northern part of the Netherlands, send large quantities of legal documents to our clients per e-mail. These documents always contain (privacy) sensitive or confidential information regarding our clients and their cases. Pursuant to national legislation and rules of professional conduct, we are obliged to ensure that the data we sent only reaches our clients and cannot get into the hands of (unauthorized) third parties.

Furthermore it often happens that our e-mails cannot be sent or delivered because they are too large due to the included attachments. For these problems the application of AttachingIT provides an adequate solution, allowing our clients to receive the deeds and contracts drafted by us in an easy, professional and secure manner. During the implementation of the application we have noticed that the organization of AttachingIT is well equipped with professional and problem-solving employees.

Therefore we are very satisfied with the application, implementation and organization of AttachingIT.”

 NNAM Insurance Managers

”NNAM B.V., short for Noord-Nederlandse Assurantiemakelaars B.V., is an internationally orientated insurance broking firm in the Northern part of the Netherlands with a specialization in the marine insurance industry.

NNAM’s clientele consists of mainly Dutch shipping companies, however we also service a number of foreign customers. The insurance markets we utilize however are mainly located, but not limited to, in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Eastern-Europe, North-America and the Far East.

The insurance policies are confidential are only privy to Underwriters, Owners/Managers and mortgage banks and sometimes contain a fast number of documents involving large numbers of bytes. In our claims handling department we do receive a lot of voluminous reports from surveyors, adjusters and lawyers from all over the world, which are to be transferred to the interested parties. Needless to say that also these documents are mostly strictly confidential.

Normally when we would sent these documents they will be sent using separate emails each with the maximum amount of attachments. In case of large single documents we would make use of Dropbox or WeTransfer. It has been made clear that these providers cannot guarantee 100% security in way of confidentiality.

For the last couple of months we have been making use of the Attaching It service, which is far more user-friendly for our staff since it is incorporated in Microsoft Outlook and can be used as if it is a normal attachment. Needless to say that it is a safe transfer method and we do not have to think about the size of the attachments. It simply works.”