Secure email: AttachingIT for Outlook

How can AttachingIT help your organization?

With our solution we ensure that your organization can continue using e-mail as a communication tool, but with the safety standards of today. Instead of developing a new e-mail program, we have chosen to integrate our solution directly into Outlook. This has two major advantages for your organization:

  1. There is no additional training required, because your employees work with their trusted Outlook environment.
  2. We do not disturb the existing work processes and even enhance the work productivity when it comes to sending or sharing files.

What makes our service more secure compared to ‘’basic’’ email?

We offer multiple security levels, depending on the confidentiality level of your data, to ensure that your documents are transmitted securely:

  1. Highly secured TLS connection; ensuring that all our data channels are protected.
  2. Password protection; secure all your send documents with a password.
  3. End-to-end encryption; encrypt your email attachments.

We have managed to develop a very secure, yet user friendly encryption method for both the sender and recipient. Our end-to-end encryption encrypts your data before it leaves your device and decrypts the data on the recipient’s device. This ensures that your data is unreadable to unauthorized persons while it is transfered on the web. The encryption process is hassle free and does not require any additional software installation by the recipient.

Do you want to be certain a confidential document is received by the authorized recipient? Just make use of the authentication option. Now the recipients has to authorize themselves via SMS before getting access to a document.

Minimize human error by using AttachingIT as default

You can use AttachingIT in three different ways within your organization, depending on your own security policy. All three options can be configured to either end-to-end encrypt or password protect each send document.

  1. The user can use AttachingIT when desired.
  2. All attachments, including those with the paper clip, are send by default with AttachingIT.
  3. “MB-trigger” – from a certain file size AttachingIT is automatically activated.

Using AttachingIT by default within your organization minimizes the risk of human error, because you take away the responsibility from your employees to decide what is confidential and what is not. All files are sent securely without any additional workload for your employees.