Seamless Integration

Easy to use and time saving

When introducing a new solution into your organization you want to make sure it is actually used by your employees. That is why we strive for a high user acceptance rate among our users. The keyword for achieving this is:

Enterprise Software


We do not burden our users with complex environments or assume that every user has the same technical knowledge.

Many of the current solutions consist of complex FTP structures, log-in processes to external portals or take place on external websites.

This not only disrupts the natural workflow of your employees but hampers the overall acceptance among them as well.

This is why we integrate our solution directly into enterprise software like Outlook, IBM Notes,SharePoint, Exact Online or Document Management Systems such as HP Worksite, adapting our solution to the work environment of your employees, without disrupting their workflow.

Not only increasing the work efficiency and productivity of your employees but saving time for your organization as well.