As a legal firm you are often dealing with high confidential data such as client files, financial records, credit management or declarations. Many law firms still use expensive courier services to get these documents to external clients or partners.

Sending these documents via regular email is often not possible because of the file size and due to strict data privacy regulations within the legal industry. As such, law firms are bound to high security demands and should be able to control who has access to the data, when this data has been transferred and its retention period.

With AttachingIT, we combine high security with the ease of sending an email
Because of its high encryption standards, the AttachingIT Outlook File Transfer Solution suits any situation. Our end-to-end encryption uses a unique key-storing method that stores the private key in the web browser of the recipient. This way we guarantee your company data is not accessible by us or anyone else.

”Securing the IT environment is very important for us because we work with highly confidential information of our clients. Therefore we were looking for the right solution to send large files to external parties. When we learned about the AttachingIT solution we were immediately enthusiastic”. – Trip (Lawfirm) –

Our administrator tool will give your company a direct insight into which files have been sent with AttachingIT, when they have been sent and by whom within the organization.

Furthermore, it gives you full control of the retention period of the sent files. This means you can delete files with one click and remove them directly from the server or extend the retention period, if required.

This all happens within the trusted Outlook environment, so it’s literally as easy as sending an email but with the added bonus of the highest security standards and without any file size limitations. You can easily send files up to 10 GB or more with AttachingIT.