Financial & Banking

Financial plans, annual reports, signed contracts, investment reports and tax documents. These are just a few examples of data that are shared with clients or partners within a financial firm. These documents contain sensitive customer information or other confidential data, so the last thing you want is to take any risks when sharing them with others.


Finding a solution that is affordable and secure is a big challenge for many companies. FTP solutions and portals can easily cost your company €30.000 and often lack a good user experience. However, not having one isn’t a reassuring feeling for your clients either.

The AttachingIT Management Console enables your IT department to log files, set retention and make files inaccessible

This year the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) made a recommendation concerning data protection within European financial services; All measures that imply the processing of personal information should contain a substantive provision requiring the processing to be in compliance with EU and national data protection rules. The provision should address as precisely as possible:

1. The type of information to be processed, and particularly any sensitive data;
2. How long the information will be retained;
3. Who will be able to access the information;
4. Appropriate safeguards for protecting the rights of the individual.