Architecture & Engineering

Architecture & Engineering

Sharing drawings or floor plans with clients is a regular occurrence within engineering, architecture or construction firms. These documents often contain detailed drawings in high resolution and when it comes to sharing them with external contacts, you do not want to be limited by the file size of your solution.

We believe technical limitations should not put boundaries on the growth of your business, so you should be able to easily share and update your drawings or floor plans with your clients or colleagues to get to the best results. Setting up expensive FTP structures to get the job done does not make sense when the AttachingIT Outlook File Transfer Solution can make this task a breeze.

Just send any file of any size directly via Outlook. Our solution is cost effective and easily scalable, which makes it a perfect fit for any organization; whether small or large.

File size limiations are no longer a boundary for your business. Send all your documents directly from your own Outlook environment