Secure file transfer for your industry

In a fiercely competing world technology should help you achieve more. Whether it comes to Health, Architecture & Engineering, Financial or Legal Industries innovations should increase work productivity, save time and money while boosting work efficiency.

Organizations have specific security and storage needs and face particular privacy challenges within the field of finance, retail, manufacturing, technology or healthcare. Materials such as research papers, graphs, statistics, maps, charts, contracts and private patients’ оr clients’ details are daily circulating within the network.

Schools, universities, colleges, hospitals or governmental institutions also need to take care of their sensitive information and protect it from unauthorized access and attacks.


As a contrast some still neglect security or apply unsuitable storage techniques which often turn them into a victim. Good security policy eliminates unexpected governance risks. However, employees might not be willing to use the security solution due to their complexity or bad user experience.

This is why companies need to brush up their privacy habits and prevent future leaks through using boundless solutions. A smart but also simple way to move large amounts of information from one location to another, reliably and securely can empower your enterprise and satisfy industry-specific needs.