AttachingIT File Transfer

Start sending all your files fully encrypted directly from Outlook

AttachingIT is directly integrated into Outlook. This allows you to send any file in a fully secure way, without any file size limitations, directly from your trusted Outlook environment.

AttachingIT Secure File Transfer

Send and receive files in a fully secured way

With the Upload Request feature, you are able to receive files from external sources in a secure way. Simply send an Upload Request to the person of your choice and they will be able to upload the requested files via a secure webpage. Once ready, you will get a notification in your inbox.

Deny unauthorized persons access to your files

 When sending a confidential file, you want to limit who can access the file and prevent anyone not authorized from easily obtaining this access. With out password protect feature, files can only be accessed and downloaded with a password, so you never have to worry about people wrongfully gaining access to your confidential files.

Get in control of your company data

With the Management Console your IT department is able to do the following:

  • Log all files that have been sent with AttachingIT
  • Set a retention period
  • Make sent files inaccessible by deleting them directly from the server
  • Email filtering
  • Filetype filtering