Features highlighted

1.Public upload page

If you are working on a project with externals it often occurs that they do not take any measures in securing the exchanged data. This is a big challenge for your organization as you want to have both sides of the email traffic secured. The public upload page provides you with the most effective solution for this challenge.

The public upload page is a secure page (optional: in your corporate branding) where external files can be uploaded to specific people within your organization in four simple steps:

1. The external enters his or her email address.
2. The external enters the email address of the contactperson within your organization.
3. Add an optional message.
4. Add and send the (requested) file(s).


When sending out a confidential document, you want to know whether this document is received in good order by the recipient. We make this possible with our tracking feature. Within your sent items you are able to follow the status of your email:

1. Email has been sent.
2. Email is received.
3. Email is opened.
4. Link is opened.
5. File has been downloaded.

3.Make sent files inaccessible

Maybe it has already once happened to you. After pushing the send button you notice that the attachment has been sent to the wrong email address and now you face a data breach. With AttachingIT you can instantly delete the document, making it inaccessible for the recipient.