Secure Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud storage via Fragmented Block Storage

With the Fragmented Block Storage (FBS) we have changed the way data gets encrypted  and stored in the Cloud. What makes our solution so unique and innovative? The FBS divides data into small chunks and encryptes them by using AES-CTR 256, RSA 2048 including PKCS#1 padding. The different chunks are then pushed into different Cloud environments, excluding the first chunk containing the metadata. This first chunk remains stored within the on-premise environment. The whole encryption process is end-to-end. This way we make sure the data is unreadable before entering the Cloud and only readable after it has left the Cloud.


With FBS, data is truly useless within the Cloud; Without the on premise chunk all data within the Cloud remains unreadable even after a breach

What makes this solution perfect for companies that are still suspicious towards Public Cloud? :

1. You do not trust your data solely to one provider

2. Your data is always accessible because of the redundancy at different providers

3. The chunk that is stored on premise is your key to access data within the Cloud

What is the difference between our FBS solution and Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid Cloud divides the storage of data between Cloud and on-premise. The confidential data is stored on-premise, while the general information is stored within the Cloud. The challenge in this construction is that you have to choose what is considered secure and what is not.

”Our belief at AttachingIT is that security should be default and not a matter of choice”

Similar to the Hybrid Cloud, our solution also combines Cloud with on-premise. The main difference is, that we secure and encrypt all data by default. We consider all company data confidential and, with this method, we prevent any misunderstanding among staff, as there is no longer a need to decide which file should or should not be considered confidential.

By storing the major part of the data in the Cloud and decreasing the on-premise usage capacity, we are able to provide this security method for all your company’s data and still be more cost effective in comparison with a traditional Hybrid model.

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