AttachingIT versus Wetransfer

Having a security policy and being compliant are two different things

Today many organizations are facing the challenge to find a proper file transfer solution that provides high security and good user experience. IT departments want to have full control over data that is leaving and entering their organization while increasing employee productivity. On the other hand employees need an easy to use solution which does not disrupt their workfow.

comparison services

Although this is a concerning issue for many organizations it often does not get the priority it requires. Not having the right file transfer solution leads to employees finding their own creative solutions like Wetransfer or Dropbox. These services are user-friendly, but lack the privacy and security needed in a modern Business-to-Business organization.

Still organizations allow this process to continue without taking any measures. Even though it is in direct violation of their own data security and privacy policy.

-Privacy Policy Wetransfer-

”WeTransfer takes appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against loss or other forms of unlawful processing. For technical and operational reasons, personal data can be transferred through servers in the United States or other countries outside the European Union, where the European data protection rules are not applicable. Privacy regulations outside the EU might not provide the same high level of protection. By using our Service and/or Website You acknowledge and agree that WeTransfer transfers your personal data through servers that are possibly outside the EU.”