What makes basic email insecure?

”Basic” email is one of the most insecure communication tools in the world 

When we look at which software stores critical data, email is too often overlooked. The main reason is that many people are often not aware of how much critical data an email or an attachment can include. Additionally, in many cases you will not notice (in time) that your email is intercepted by an unauthorized person, making the remark ”fortunately it has never happened to me” often a naive saying.

Where technology has developed considerably in recent years, so outdated is the technology behind email. What makes ”basic” email so unsafe? A ”basic” email is sent via the regular email channel. Because all data is transmitted as plain text via various insecure mailservers it makes it very easy to intercept by an unauthorized person.

Quickly sending out an email is so simple for many that limiting the use of this tool is just simply not an option. Often organizations believe that they have found an appropriate answer by working with solutions such as portals. However, many solutions are not effective, as they are considered as burdensome and inefficient both by the sender and the receiver. Resulting in the use of email instead of the implemented alternative.

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