About us

AttachingIT’s vision

At AttachingIT we believe companies should not be bound by the risks of new technology. That is why our goal is to eliminate these risks and allow all businesses to profit of the upsides of today’s technology. The Cloud is such an example.

It brings so many great opportunities for all kinds of businesses but because of trust issues the vast majority still has not accepted it. Cloud is the future for companies who want to keep scaling their business in a fast, easy and cost-efficient way and who want to create or maintain a competitive advantage.  That is why we have developed software that takes this worries away and allows companies togrow and scale without any boundaries.


What makes us unique? We combine high level security with great user experience. Making our solutions intuitive and adaptive for all of our user.

Our company was selected as one of the nine companies from over 360 applicants worldwide, to participate in the Microsoft Accelerator Program 2013/2014. We currently have an office in Berlin,Germany and Groningen, the Netherlands.

Our experienced team is working on daily basis to provide solutions that will help companies to operate their business worry free and enabling them to focus on their core business.