Secure Email

Encrypt all your emails with just one click

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Is email still a weak link in your organization's security chain?

In 2014, AttachingIT for Outlook was successfully launched. Since then many companies from various industries are using our secure email solution to their full satisfaction. Due to new data privacy regulations secure email has become an important issue for many organizations.

AttachingIT for Outlook secures your incoming and outgoing email traffic. Our solution is as easy as sending a regular email. Experience it for yourself!

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We combine high security with great ease of use

Sending a secure e-mail with AttachingIT for Outlook is as simple as sending a standard e-mail!

Secure Email

With AttachingIT, we ensure that your organization can continue to use email, but with the safety standards of today. Safe, intuitive and easy to use.

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General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation will unify data protection practices in EU member states and establish a greater focus on data security and privacy.

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Features AttachingIT for Outlook

AttachingIT for Outlook comes with the latest security technology and features to provide your organization with the best possible service and email security.

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(Security) features AttachingIT for Outlook

All our features allow you to manage your data safely in a very easy way, both for the sender and receiver.

Highly secured TLS connection

A Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection is used for a secure Internet connection to enable a secure transmission of personal data between a web server and a browser.

Password protection

By adding a password to a document, you can additionally protect your documents in a very simple way. (Including auto-generated passwords)

Email encryption

(Available soon) we will be offering organizations the option to encrypt their email messages as well. Contact us for more information.

End-to-end encryption

Our end-to-end encryption ensures that all data is encrypted and decrypted locally. This way your data is unreadable when it is transferred over the internet.

Authentication with SMS

Have the recipients authorize themselves when you want to be 100% sure that a confidential document is opened by the authorized person.

To ensure the safety of our service we have our software tested regularly by an independent third party. The reports can be sent to you on request:

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You can host your data in the cloud or on premise*.

*Excluding installation costs and on-premise SLA

Hosted by AttachingIT

Your data is hosted in the Cloud on our servers in Amsterdam and Dublin. Furthermore, you will have access to all features. Starting from 6 euros per user per month.

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Hosted by you or your IT partner

In this package*, your data is hosted by yourself or by your IT partner and you will have access to all the features as well. Starting from 4 euros per user per month.

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Tiered pricing

Our pricing model is based on tiered pricing. This means that the price per user decreases as you purchase more licenses. Would you like to receive a quotation for your organization?

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Over 100.000 users are already using AttachingIT to secure their email

We put a lot of effort in making sure all aspects of our service meet the current high safety standards. Therefore, we have our service regularly tested by an independent third party to ensure this high standard towards our customers.



What do our customers say?
Trip Lawfirm

”Their solution not only provides us with a good and safe way to send files, but is very easy to use as well”

De Haan Lawfirm & Notary

”Allowing our clients to receive the deeds and contracts drafted by us in an easy, professional and secure way”

NNAM Insurance Managers

”It is a safe transfer method and we do not have to think about the size of the attachments. It simply works”